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15+ Easy, Creative and Inexpensive Christmas Home Decor Ideas

I love decorating for Christmas. But I always seem to be behind schedule with getting my decorations up. I usually go all out finding some creative Christmas tree ideas that I like and use them to decorate my Christmas tree. And then run out of time to do much else…so I use some of these creative, inexpensive and easy Christmas home decor ideas to get the rest of my house feeling festive.

Easy, inexpensive and creative Christmas decorating ideas

On a budget? Don’t have a lot of time? Left decorating to the very last minute?

Or maybe you just want some creative decorating ideas to add some Christmas spirit to your home?

Then this list of inexpensive and easy Christmas home decorating ideas may be just what you need!

Keep reading to find some creative ways to decorate for Christmas.

1 | Combine feather boas with string lights

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Feather boas and lights

Combining feather boas with white lights is one of my favorite Christmas home decor ideas, and it’s so easy!

Start with these glitter string lights*. The white wires blend in with the white feather boas, and the little silver balls add an extra sparkle. (And I LOVE a little sparkle!)

Add some tall mercury glass candle holders* for some contrast and extra sparkle.

Finally, add some feather boas*.

They are really inexpensive and you only need 2 or 3 to completely cover the top of a console table.

When you combine them with string lights, you get a magical effect that almost looks like snow.

Vase and candles with feather boas and Christmas lights

If you want to add a little more color, add a vase and some colored candles like I did for my blue and white Christmas decor…all things you probably already have available!

2 | Drape evergreens on your chandelier

Chandelier with evergreens draped around it for Christmas decorations

If you have a chandelier over your dining room table, it’s another great place to add some Christmas decor.

Chandelier decorated with an evergreen garland for Christmas

Wrapping an evergreen garland around your chandelier is a pretty way to add some holiday cheer.

I have found that the fake ones work best for this. Otherwise you may have some needles falling in your food.

3 | Clip on some poinsettia ornaments

Chandelier decorated for Christmas with poinsettias

Poinsettias is a traditional Christmas flower that immediately adds some festive color to your room.

You can buy inexpensive poinsettia clips that are meant for the tree and use them anywhere that needs a little color. Like your chandelier

Poinsettia clip-on ornaments as part of the Christmas fireplace mantel decor

Or your fireplace mantel.

4 | Hang ornaments from the chandelier

Chandelier decorated with Christmas ornaments

Another one of my favorite inexpensive ways to decorate for Christmas is to hang ornaments and candle holders from my chandelier over the dining room table.

They create a Christmas table centerpiece that doesn’t take up any table space.

Which works really well if your table is a little crowded like mine always seems to be.

And people can still see each other across the table (one of my criteria for a good table centerpiece).

I used black thread to hang mirror ball Christmas tree ornaments* at different lengths on each of the arms of my chandelier.

Then did the same with Terrarium hanging candle holders*. 

To make it look more interesting, vary how far out they are on the chandelier arms .

Then add some tealight candles. Use the flameless ones* if you are worried about the heat.

It’s a beautiful and really simple way to decorate for Christmas!.

5 | Hang ornaments from an evergreen branch

Evergreen branch hung from the ceiling with ornaments hanging from it

Another easy and creative way to add to your Christmas decorations is to hang a large evergreen branch from the ceiling.

Then string up some ornaments or lights on it to create an instant holiday focal point or centerpiece.

6 | Wrap boxes in coordinating paper

Christmas presents wrapped in coordinating paper used as Christmas home decorations

Whether you use actual Christmas presents, or just some empty boxes, wrapping them in coordinating wrapping paper with pretty ribbons is a great way to add Christmas cheer to your home without spending a lot of money.

Christmas present wrapped in red and white paper to match the Christmas tree

And if these are your actual presents, you’ll be getting your Christmas shopping done ahead of schedule.

7 | Make a creative Christmas wreath

Pink and purple creative Christmas wreath on door

This DIY purple and pink wreath made with deco mesh and ribbon is an easy way to add Christmas decor to your front door.

Of course, you can use whatever colors of ribbon go with your Christmas color scheme.

White feather wreath decorated with red poinsettias as Christmas wall decor

Or you can use some more feather boas and a poinsettia Christmas ornament to create this snowy DIY Christmas wreath.

8 | Hang ornaments from ribbons

DIY pine cone ornaments hung from the fireplace mantel

Ornaments always make a home feel like Christmas so I like to use them a lot, and not just on the tree.

These DIY Pine Cone ornaments* look pretty hanging from the fireplace mantel.

Ornaments hung from a curtain rod for Christmas wall decor

And these red, white and gold ones hung from the curtain rod add some Christmas spirit to the window.

9 | Put Christmas ornaments on a tray

Ornaments in a Christmas tray with candles

Christmas ornaments are really easy to use as part of your table centerpiece and are one of my go-to Christmas table decorations when I’m in a hurry.

Put a few pretty ornaments in a tray with a couple of candles and you have a simple centerpiece that will match the rest of your Christmas decor.

Last Minute Christmas table centerpiece with evergreen branches, ornaments and a candle

If you happen to have some evergreens in your yard, spread them out on a tray.

Then add your ornaments and candles for another really easy, inexpensive Christmas centerpiece.

White lantern filled up part way with Christmas ornaments

Or fill a lantern* part way up with some ornaments to give it a little extra sparkle.

One thing to note, it takes quite a few ornaments to fill up a lantern, so I use really inexpensive plastic ones for this purpose. Once they are in there, you really can’t tell!

Either way, using ornaments in unexpected places is an inexpensive way to add to your Christmas decorations…and they come in pretty much every color imaginable. So you’re sure to find something in the color you want.

10 | Add wired ribbon to your table

Wired ribbon and Christmas ornaments with candles as a Christmas centerpiece

The 4th idea on my list of easy and inexpensive ways to decorate for Christmas is to wind wired ribbon around decorations and candles on my table.

I like to use wired ribbon on my Christmas tree also, so I just cut a little piece off the end…that makes sure that your table ties in well with your other Christmas decorations.

Wired ribbon* comes in so many different colors and textures that it is easy to match to your decor.

11 | Put mirrors under candles

Candles on top of mirrors as a Christmas centerpiece

I stole this next Christmas decorating idea from wedding decorators.

Put some mirrors down under your candles and they will really make your table sparkle, like this silver and white Christmas tablescape. The mirror reflects the candle light which adds a magical effect to the surface.

I used these mirrored chargers*. (I don’t think I have ever actually used them as chargers under plates!)

They are a good size to fit on any table and you can put down more than one in a row if you want to create a bigger mirrored area.

However, you can also buy plain mirrored candle plates (like these ones* from Amazon) for a lot less money.

12 | Add evergreens to flower bouquets

Roses with evergreen branches as a Christmas centerpiece

Add some small evergreen branches into a bouquet of flowers to add a “Christmas-y” touch that is simple and elegant (like we did for our Christmas tea party).

You can cut these off the trees in your yard, or ask your local live Christmas tree seller if you can have the scraps left over from trimming branches off of their trees.

Even the big box stores usually have a pile that they will just throw out at the end of the day, and are usually willing to give you for free.

13 | Create a candy cane centerpiece

Christmas centerpiece made from candy canes

This DIY candy cane centerpiece is another really inexpensive and easy to make Christmas decoration!

You can fill it up with some Christmas candies.

Candy cane Christmas centerpiece filled with flowers

Or make it into a flower arrangement.

In either case, you will never guess what it is made from! (Hint: it’s something you normally throw away.)

Find the tutorial for the candy cane centerpiece HERE.

14 | Make mason jar candle holders

Frosted glass mason jar candle holder as a Christmas centerpiece

These frosted glass candle holders made from mason jars are perfect for Christmas decor and are really easy to make.

I did mine with a silver ribbon to match my silver and white tablescape, but you can use whatever color goes with your holiday decor.

Frosted glass candle holder on fireplace mantel

I also put some of them on my fireplace mantle. I’m always trying to find Christmas decorations for my fireplace that work with the TV above it, so these were the perfect size!

Find the full mason jar candle holder tutorial HERE.

15 | Combine evergreens and candles

Evergreens, pine cones and candles as a Christmas centerpiece

If you’re looking for a simple way to create a Christmas centerpiece and happen to have an evergreen in your backyard, this easy way to decorate for Christmas may be for you.

Just clip a few sprigs off of your evergreen bush or tree and sprinkle it down the table. Then add a few tealight candles and pine cones to create that holiday atmosphere.

You can also add a few flowers from a grocery store bouquet. Splitting it up across multiple small vases covers more space with fewer blooms (which costs you less money).

16 | Dress up some inexpensive wine glasses

DIY Santa wine glasses with a Christmas table setting

If you want to add some extra Christmas spirit to your table without spending a lot of money, try spray painting some inexpensive wine glasses (try IKEA or your local dollar store to find them for less than a dollar).

With a little work, you can create a Christmas-specific design like these Santa wine glasses. Click here to learn how.

DIY gold stemmed wine glasses on a gold and white Christmas table setting

Or you can do a really simple design, like painting the stems gold.

17 | Decorate a twig tree

A twig tree with blue Christmas Ornaments

If you don’t have a lot of space but still want to have a little Christmas decor, add a few ornaments to a lighted twig tree*.

You get light from the tree and the Christmas spirit from the ornaments.

Twig candle holder with ornaments

It’s a little like the “Charlie Brown Christmas tree”…kind of small and spindly but definitely has spirit.

18 | Make a wall Christmas tree

Wall Christmas Tree

Another way to create a Christmas tree that fits well in a small space is to make a wall Christmas Tree. It takes up no room whatsoever!

The start of a wall Christmas tree

Arrange a few evergreen branches on the wall, starting with shorter ones on the top.

Command hooks are a great way to attach them without making marks on the wall.

The wall Christmas tree half way finished

Keep adding longer ones until you have a Christmas tree shape.

The wall Christmas tree decorated with bows and ornaments

Then add a few bows and Christmas ornaments, and your tree is done!

19 | Dress up plain ornaments

Twig Christmas tree decorated with DIY copper leaf ornaments

To add some pizzazz to plain glass ornaments (whether they are clear like these ones or colored), try covering them with copper, silver or gold leaf.

It adds instant glam and is a lot easier to do than it looks!

Find the step by step tutorial (plus a bunch of other DIY Christmas ornaments) HERE.

Now you can choose one, some or all of these ways to decorate for Christmas and add some holiday cheer to your home!

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Have comments or questions on our creative, inexpensive and easy Christmas home decor ideas? Tell us in the section below.

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15 easy and inexpensive Christmas decorating ideas

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  1. So many beautiful ideas! I love all the sparkle and especially the table settings.

    1. Thanks, Shirley! Sparkle is definitely my thing…and I love doing table settings 🙂

  2. Priscilla says:

    great idea! I’m inspired to try this under my Christmas village, too look like snow.
    just have to wait 10 months…

    1. Hi Priscilla…I think the “snow” would be perfect under a Christmas village! It’s always nice to have some ideas ready in advance 🙂

  3. Sherry Gibson says:

    Beautiful ideas with things most ppl.have in their decorations or can buy cheap.

    1. Hi, Sherry! That’s what I was trying to do, so I’m glad you think so 🙂