From Beige to Toile – A Builder Grade Bedroom Makeover

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From Beige to Toile - A Builder Grade Bedroom Makeover |
From Beige to Toile – A Builder Grade Bedroom Makeover

When I moved into my house, it was a brand-spanking new builder-grade house. I loved the “new” part (everything worked!) but hated the builder-grade finishes…so started my quest to makeover every room in the house. One of the first rooms I did was the master bedroom…mostly because it didn’t require a lot of money to make it look a lot better.

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3 Responses

  1. This is still my favorite room–partly because of nostalgia for our awesome Paris experience that it conjures up. Lovely post.

  2. Mary Tatman

    Hello beautiful room. We both have very similar tastes. I wanted to do Blue Toile in my bedroom too, but I could never find a bedding set that I was pleased I went with the red toile. Its pretty, but red not as soothing to sleep. I do have a question for you…I have blue toile with plaid in my living room…I consider it a relaxed Williamsburg style…not too traditional, but no ruffles either. I was so excited when I seen the sheers on your bed. I had been looking for them myself. Then I saw your mother made them. I sew too and have made the curtains in my living room. But I have French doors off of it that leads to a bedroom. I was wondering if you would share where you purchased the blue toile sheer fabric that you made them out of? I need to put curtains on the inside of the French doors and this fabric would be perfect. Your new bathroom looks fabulous too. So happy and appreciative of all your hard work.

    • Hi Mary…It does sound like we have similar taste :) I actually got very lucky with the blue and white toile sheer fabric. I found it in the clearance bin at one of my local fabric stores (Kim’s fabric in Greer, SC) so I bought the whole roll…that probably won’t help you very much. I know that Waverly used to have a blue and white toile in sheers, but I’m not sure if they are still making it (you might be able to find it on eBay?)

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