7 Money Saving Designer Tricks For Decorating Your Home On A Budget

It seems like I am always updating at least one of the rooms in my builder-grade house, trying to add those details that will make my home look more custom. When my budget isn’t as large as I would like it to be, ideas like these money saving decorating tips come in handy!

Money saving decorating tips

Money Saving Decorating Tips

Lately, I’ve started a new morning routine.

It all began over the holidays when a friend of mine recommended reading The Miracle Morning*. The best book ever she claimed!

Since I’m not a morning person (at all!), I almost didn’t bother. But then I was stuck on a plane for a few hours traveling and decided to give it a read. (If you happen to have an Amazon Prime membership, you can read it for free!)

To make a long story short, it is actually one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I implemented the 1 hour daily morning ritual that it suggests and it has made a big difference in how productive I am.

You might be saying to yourself…that’s all nice and good but what does that have to do with money saving decorating tips? (Which is what you came here for).

Well, part of the daily morning routine is to spend some time reading. So I decided to start going through the gazillions of decorating magazines I subscribe to but never seem to get around to looking at. (Okay, gazillions may be an exaggeration, but there’s a lot).

And guess what? They have lots of tips from designers on ways to make your decorating budget stretch further.

So I thought I would share those money saving decorating tips, in case any of you could use them, too.

1. Double Up Your Area Rugs

Living room with small rug on top of larger rug

Traditional Living Room – Photo by Greystar Design

Note: This image cannot be pinned due to houzz.com copyright restrictions.

The first money saving designer trick for decorating on a budget helps you spend less on a large area rug.

Start by buying a smaller version of the rug you really want (the more expensive one).

Then look for an inexpensive large area rug in a coordinating color.

Layer the small rug on top of the large rug and you have a large-sized area rug without the large-sized cost.

2. Add Architectural Interest With Paint

Bedroom with bottom third of wall painted a different color

Eclectic BedroomPhoto by The Office of Charles de Lisle

Note: This image cannot be pinned due to houzz.com copyright restrictions.

If your home is lacking in architectural interest but you don’t want to install moldings, try some paint instead.

Of course, paint of any kind is one of the most inexpensive ways to transform a room. But using it in an architectural way adds even more interest to your walls.

Painting the bottom third of your wall a different color makes your room look like it has wainscoting.

Half painted wall in dining room

Transitional Dining Room – from houzz.com

Note: This image cannot be pinned due to houzz.com copyright restrictions.

Painting half way up the wall (or even higher) in a different color gives the illusion of paneling.

In both cases, you get the benefits of molding without the expense of it.

Click HERE to find more interesting ways to paint your walls.

3. Mask The TV With A Gallery Wall

TV gallery wall from Tidbits & Twine

TV Gallery Wall – from Tidbits & Twine

If you don’t like the look of a TV in your living room and you don’t want to spend the money for one that looks like a mirror* or a piece of art*, you can always minimize the way it looks.

The easiest way to do this is to create a gallery wall and include the TV as part of it, like Kim from Tidbits & Twine did.

Using other black elements in the gallery (like black frames or silhouette pictures) will help the TV to blend in.

Find more ways to hide your TV HERE.

4. Create A Gallery Wall From Wallpaper

Gallery wall made from framed wallpaper

Gallery Wall With Framed Wallpaper – from House Beautiful 

Speaking of gallery walls…sometimes you want to create one but don’t have the budget for artwork.

Framing wallpaper is a great way to get the gallery wall impact without spending the money.

Just find a print in a color and pattern that you like and cut it to fit different sizes of frames.

5. Hide Imperfections With Wall To Wall Curtains

Wall to wall, floor to ceiling curtains

If your walls are less than perfect, or you want to make your windows look bigger, wall to wall curtains may be the money-saving decorating tip for you.

Hang them right at the ceiling, and get enough panels to cover the whole wall.

They automatically create a statement in your room. You can even hang art from the curtain rods like I did in my master bedroom.

To save money on the curtains themselves, paint stripes on some drop clothes with this tutorial from Better Homes & Gardens. They look a lot like linen once they’re hung on the wall.

6. Install A Wall Of Bookshelves

Wall of bookshelves in a living room

A wall of shelves is an easy to upgrade any room.

A whole wall of them looks like built-ins (even if they’re not) and adds that cozy library feeling to your space.

Bookshelf decorated with art

Styled Bookshelf – from HGTV

Whether you use them to display your collections, put out all of your books or for extra storage (see our tips for making shelf storage look good), shelves are very versatile pieces of furniture.

If you’re not sure how to decorate your shelves, learn some designer tips for styling your bookshelves from HGTV.

7. Update Hardware

Kitchen with updated handles


Whether it’s the door handles on your kitchen cabinets, the faucets in your bathroom or the knobs on your doors, upgrading the hardware in your house is a great way to update a room without spending a lot of money.

When I moved in, my kitchen cabinets didn’t have hardware at all. And being builder grade, they were pretty plain looking.

Giving the cabinets a coat of paint (find out how to paint melamine cabinets HERE) and adding these inexpensive handles from IKEA made the kitchen look totally different without having to pay for a major remodel!

You can have the same kind of impact by switching out faucets, light fixtures and even door knobs.  It’s like adding statement jewelery to a plain outfit…the details are what make it!

Hopefully, some of these designer-inspired money saving decorating tips will help you save some money on your next room makeover.

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Designer money saving decorating tips

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