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DIY Cabinet Measuring Cup Organizer


This DIY cabinet measuring cup organizer made from pegboard will de-clutter your kitchen drawers and make your measuring cups and spoons so easy to keep organized.

Getting my kitchen organized is one of my top priorities, so I have done a lot of DIY kitchen organization projects like this DIY cabinet measuring cup organizer, these drawer organization ideas and converting my base cabinet shelves to drawers.

DIY cabinet measuring cup makeover

DIY Cabinet Measuring Cup Organizer

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I don’t know about you, but I seem to have accumulated a bunch of measuring cups and spoons.

It seems like I buy a set, and somewhere along the way one piece of the set goes missing. (I figure it’s the same ghost that always steals one half of the socks from the laundry.)

So I buy another set. Of course, I don’t throw away the original ones (you never know when you might need an extra Tablespoon!). And now I think I’ve become a measuring cups and spoons hoarder.

Anyhow, I decided that maybe if I could get my measuring cups and spoons organized, I’d have more luck finding them (and putting them back) where they’re supposed to be.

To help with the process, I also decided I wanted to label the measuring cups so I didn’t have to squint to see what size they are. (Note to self: If I do have to buy another set of measuring cups, which hopefully I won’t. But if I do…get ones with numbers that are large enough to see).

The other problem that I have? Not a whole lot of kitchen storage space available. As in none.

So I needed to find some unused real estate somewhere…which is how I settled on the back of my kitchen cabinet doors.

I didn’t really want to drill a bunch of holes in the back of my cabinet door or write on it with permanent ink, so I went with installing pegboard instead. Since pegboard just happens to be one of my favorite organizing products ever, that really wasn’t too much of a stretch.

Plus, this cabinet happens to be above the area where I usually do my meal prep (it’s also where the spice wall is), so it’s a very convenient location for measuring utensils to be.

And that’s how my measuring cups and spoons found a new home on the inside of one of my kitchen cabinet doors.

Of course, I haven’t totally given up my hoarding ways. All of the mismatched sets did find a place in my kitchen drawer after I installed my DIY drawer dividers. But so far I haven’t had to add any new ones to the collection, so it looks like it’s working! (Now if I could only find a similar solution for the sock ghost!)

Keep reading to find out how to make a DIY cabinet measuring cup organizer.

Putting Your DIY Cabinet Measuring Cup Organizer Together

Measure And Cut The Pegboard

Cut pegboard to fit the back of the door
Cut pegboard to fit the back of the door

The first step to making your DIY cabinet measuring cup organizer is to cut the pegboard to size. I used a circular saw to cut my board a little smaller than the cabinet opening.

You’ll need to measure the opening of your cabinet to figure out how much space you have.

Also, test that your cabinet door will still close with the pegboard on it. My shelves are recessed so having pegboard cover the full back of the door works fine. But if your shelves come right out to the door, you may have to install your pegboard in pieces so it fits between the shelves.

Paint and Install The Pegboard

I wanted to mark where the measuring cups go on the board, so they all end up back where they are supposed to be.

To make this easier, I spray-painted the front of the board with chalkboard paint. That way I can write on with chalk and re-arrange them later if I get new supplies.

Install the pegboard on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door
Install the pegboard on the inside of a door

Then use a pegboard mounting kit to hang the painted pegboard on the back of the cabinet door. It comes with spacers and screws that leave enough room for the pegboard hooks to go in.

Make sure that the screws aren’t too long. You don’t want them coming through the other side of the cabinet door.

Hang The Measuring Cups

Arrange the measuring cups on the door so that they fall between the shelves in the kitchen cabinet
Arrange the measuring cups so that they fall between the shelves

Now on to the fun part of creating a DIY cabinet measuring cup organizer…hanging the measuring cups and spoons from pegboard hooks.

When you put the measuring cups up, make sure they are positioned to fall between the cabinet shelves…otherwise the door won’t close properly. Since I have so many of them, it took me a few tries to get the arrangement right.

Then use peg locks* to make sure that the pegboard hooks stay in place (Next to pegboard, peg locks are the best thing ever!)

Draw outlines around the measuring cups with labels makes it easy to find the one cup you are looking for

Finally draw the outline of the measuring cups and add the size label using chalk marker*.

Chalk marker doesn’t rub off as easily as regular chalk but can be be washed off with water and soap if your chalkboard surface isn’t very porous. Having said that, on my spray painted pegboard, you could still see some of the white even after I washed it off…so be careful that you don’t make too many mistakes!

One thing I will warn you about, the measuring cups will clang if you open and close the cupboard door too fast. It scared the be-jesus out of me the first time I did it.

However, you do get used to opening the door more slowly and I love how convenient all the measuring cups are. Plus the labels make it really easy to find the size you’re looking for.

That’s it for the DIY measuring cup organizer. Not hard at all!

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DIY behind-the-door measuring cup organizer

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