Architectural Details: 10 Easy Ways to Upgrade A Boring Room

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Have a boring, boxy room that needs something to make it look better?  Try these 10 ways to add architectural details that will upgrade a boring room.

Add architectural interest to any room in your house

As most of you know by now, I live in a builder-grade home, and am on a mission to make it look more “designer” and less “builder”.

One of the things that is missing from a lot of builder grade homes (which most designer homes have) are architectural details, and my house is no different. The walls and ceilings are plain drywall with nothing to add any interest but some popcorn on the ceiling…another pet peeve! (Click here to see my post on 5 Ways to Hide Popcorn Ceilings if you want some ideas on how to deal with that issue.)

But I digress.  Back to the plain walls problem.

Fortunately, if you are willing to do a few DIY jobs, it isn’t that hard or expensive to fix this issue! And there’s an added bonus that a lot of these projects can actually add value to your home.

So that’s why I have been on a mission to add at least one type of architectural detail to every room in my house (including the stairway!)…and I’m almost there! The only rooms I have left are the guest bedroom and the laundry room. So I guess you now know where some of my upcoming room makeovers will be focused 🙂

Keep reading to see 10 ways to upgrade your home with architectural details.

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4 Responses

  • I’m in the process of decorating my home & I want it to flow color wise. I have painted the master bedroom a charcoal black with a white stripe going all around the room. The room also has 2 windows with bright white custom 4 1/2” louvre shutters. & white double closet doors & white woodwork. White bedspread & white pillows. I love decorating with black & white. I also like very light shades of gray or very dark & white. Any advice for other 2 bedrooms, all 3 bedrooms are off a white hallway. I also love white. Any advice. Joan

    • Hi Joan…your bedroom sounds beautiful! I love black and white together, too. For your other rooms, you could try reversing what you have in the first bedroom, by going with white or light gray walls and black trim. Black and white buffalo check is another option…if you want to go bold, you could paint or wallpaper the wall behind the bed with it. Or if that’s too much, use it for your bedding. Or you could try adding a metal like gold or silver to change up the feel of one of the rooms. Not sure if you have already seen them, but you might get some ideas from these posts: bedrooms with black walls, my master bathroom design ideas (they are bathroom pictures, not bedrooms, but the color patterns could work) and my home office makeover. Hope that helps!

  • I really want to add architectural details to our home and am a bit hesitant until I figure out exactly what I want to do. I had not considered tiles on the wall before, this post is a great resource for ideas.

    • Thanks, Leanna! I’m a big fan of architectural details, but since they are somewhat permanent, I agree that you need to figure out what will go with your home before jumping into it. Thanks for stopping by!

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