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20+ Blue Home Office Ideas (Inspiration for a Makeover)

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If you’re looking for inspiration for an office makeover then you’ve come to the right place. From modern to coastal to traditional, these blue home office ideas will give you lots of design styles, color combinations and room layouts to choose from.

20 blue home office ideas

Well, I finally decided.

After 7 years of working at home, I need a proper home office, with lots of storage and space to move around.

So I’m moving my work space into what used to be my guest room, and doing a complete makeover.

As with all my makeovers, my first step is to look for some inspiration.

I have already decided I want to decorate it in blue. (My favorite color!)

So this week I’m sharing all of the blue home office ideas, pictures and inspiration I’ve found so far.

A note about pinning: Most of the images below cannot be pinned due to copyright restrictions.

1 | Royal blue and white

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  • Gloss blue paint adds a glam element.
  • Wallpapered ceiling adds interest. Unfortunately mine has popcorn so I won’t be able to do this, but I would if I could.
  • The desk in front of the window with bookshelves on either side creates a strong focal point in the room.
  • White furniture and silver accents reflect light to keep the space from looking too dark.

2 | Blue and white toile

small blue and white toile home office

3 | Light blue and white

  • Lighter blue walls with white trim and paneled ceiling (which can be used to hide popcorn ceilings) look bright and fresh.
  • I love the blue desk!
  • The blue and white striped curtains, rattan chair and other nature-inspired accents give it a coastal vibe.

4 | Dark blue walls and shelves

  • This home office makes a statement by having all the walls, shelving and trim painted in dark blue paint.
  • Pops of gold and white brighten up the room.
  • Leaving the space between the shelves empty gives more room for the chair to pull out.
  • Paneling on the wall keeps it from looking boring.
  • In this office, enclosed cabinets across the bottom of the shelving unit gives a lot more storage space, as well as an additional work space.
  • The picture behind the desk almost looks like a window, and enhances the focal point.
  • The black desk and gold accents break up all the blue.
  • This room is similar but with the addition of white and gold chairs on the other side of the desk.
  • Many of these rooms have large windows on one side of the desk. I’m seeing a trend!

5 | Statement light fixture

  • This office has lots of enclosed storage which is all painted blue, of course. But the open shelves behind the desk have a contrasting white background that makes them stand out.
  • The big statement is the gold chandelier.

6 | Multi-color blues

  • This home office uses all different shades of blue for a monochromatic look and also has a statement light fixture.
  • I like the idea of a sofa for those times when you want to relax a little and read a book.

7 | Blue walls and ceiling

  • The walls, ceiling and shelves are all painted in a gloss blue.
  • This one has built-in shelves around a window and the computer facing the window.
  • A table in front of the shelves gives more work area, without using a traditional desk.
  • Small stools provide extra seating that don’t take up a lot of floor space.

8 | Turquoise Ceiling

  • I love decorated ceilings and the turquoise one in this office and craft room is awesome! It repeats the colors from the area rug which makes both of them stand out.
  • Having cabinets and shelves down both sides of the room gives lots of storage space.

9 | Blue wainscoting with a Floral mural

  • I love the idea of a mural above the blue panel wainscoting.
  • Lots of glam elements such as the gold etagere and desk, venetian mirror, leopard print rug and chandelier. Even the legs on the cabinet behind the desk are painted gold!

10 | Teal walls

  • This home office pairs teal paint on the walls with a blue and white patterned rug, chair and throw cushion that add interest to the room
  • The desk is perpendicular to the window but pushed right up to it, which helps to save space in a small room.

11 | Blue shelves with built-in desk

  • I also like this idea of having the desk built in to the shelves.
  • Hanging an upholstered bulletin board above the desk area gives you something to look at so you’re not staring at a blank wall.
  • Adding lights above the shelves provides extra lighting for your work area. Which is very important if you’re painting the room a dark color.
  • This office is similar but the space above the desk is covered in a nature-inspired wallpaper. I love how the blue shelves bring out the color in the paper.
  • This desk is wide enough to add a lamp on one side.
  • This room has blue wall-to-wall shelves with the whole back covered in wallpaper. Which really makes a focal point.
  • The gold trim adds some glam.
  • Sconces installed on the wall right above the desk area provide extra light.

12 | Built-ins around the window

  • Putting the desk under the window, with shelves on either side is another option.
  • This works best if you’re working on a laptop. A regular monitor (or monitors in my case) will block the view.
  • Depending on which direction your window faces, you may need a blind that can be used to block the glare.

13 | Modern blue office

  • Curtains matching the walls make this space look larger and create a sleek modern look.
  • The silver metal riveted desk adds a cool industrial feel.

14 | Traditional blue home office

  • This office also has dark blue walls. But with the cream curtains, blue and white rug and chair, and leggy desk, it has a more traditional feel.
  • I like the combination of the blue and white rug with the patterned blue chair.

15 | Coastal blue office

  • This light blue office reminds me of the beach. It has such a relaxing feel that I think I would want to hang out there every day.
  • The window bench provides a similar relaxing area as a sofa would.

16 | Light blue with architectural details

  • This room has a similar color scheme to the coastal office, but a totally different look and feel. Much more formal.
  • I love all of the architectural details.

17 | Blue chair and ottoman

  • This office is decorated in dark gray and white, using blue as the accent color.
  • The color really pops against the neutral backdrop and creates a very sophisticated look.

18 | Navy blue and white stripes

  • The dark blue and white horizontal stripes on the wall make a dramatic statement in this office. They are so dark, they almost look black
  • Repeating the the same colors for the rug and on the door ties everything together.
  • The white lacquered mirror and mirrored desk add a bit of glamour. While the pink chair is a surprise color addition that really brightens up the room.

19 | Blue curtains and patterned rug

  • This office has an unusual desk placement. It is pulled away from the wall but still facing it which gives a feeling of more space.
  • Hanging a picture in front of the desk keeps you from staring at a blank wall.
  • The same color of dark blue is repeated in the drapes, the rug, the desk and the painting to give the room a cohesive look.

20 | White walls and dark blue shelves

  • This home office uses the dark blue shelves as an accent wall in a white room. This isn’t an option that I would go with (no white walls in my house) but it’s a good option for anyone who doesn’t want too much blue.
  • The pictures hung on the shelves give a place for your eyes to rest and help create a focal point. I would use my way of hanging art on shelves to make them more functional.

21 | Wood paneling with blue accents

  • This is a very traditional executive style office with wood paneling and a large wood desk.
  • Pops of blue are added with the chairs, the painting and the ceiling, which goes quite well with the warm wood tones.
  • I like how they highlight the shelves by lighting the inside, in addition to the lights on the top.

22 | Dark blue and white

dark blue and white home office with fireplace
  • Spoiler alert: this is how my new blue office turned out.
  • I love the combination of dark teal and white. (That blue leopard print rug is my favorite!)
  • All the glam elements make me happy.
  • And I got to have my fireplace!

Well, that’s it for my list of blue home office ideas. I certainly got a lot of inspiration for my new office.

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  1. Gayle Moore says:

    There is so many pictures, I had a hard time understanding which is the room you are remodeling. None of them looked worthy of needing a remodel.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi Gayle…sorry for the confusion. The first two pictures are from my room the way it looks now (a bedroom). The rest of them are the inspiration pictures I’m using to get some design ideas. So you’re right, they don’t need a remodel 🙂