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Dark Blue And White Home Office Mood Board


If you’re planning on redecorating your office and love the blue and white color combination as much as I do, then this dark blue and white home office mood board is for you. Mixed with a little glam, it’s the perfect place to work from home.

dark blue and white home office pin image

It’s hard to believe I’ve been working from home full time for more than 7 years.

And I have never taken the time to set up an office that has enough space and storage for me to work comfortably.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I did a home office/craft room makeover in my bonus room for my very first One Room Challenge back in 2016.

But the craft room part of it ended up taking over.

Since then, my home office has been located in the smallest room in our house. Which has no room to spread out and very little storage space.

So here we are in the Fall 2022 One Room Challenge™, and I’m doing an office makeover again.

This week was all about planning the design.

Which means creating a mood board for the look and feel of the space.

I think this is my favorite part of the process.

I get to look at all kinds of new furniture and lighting options. It’s like shopping without actually spending any money (yet).

So here’s my process.

1 | Gather some inspiration

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a collage of blue home office pictures

The first step is to gather a whole bunch of home office inspiration pictures.

I had already decided that I wanted my office to be blue, so that decision helped narrow the selections down a bit.

See my list of blue home office pictures.

2 | Create a wishlist

Wishlist printed on a pad of paper

After going through all of my those inspiration pictures, I made a list of the things that I really liked.

Especially the ones that showed up in more than one of the pictures.

So here’s my list:

  • I decided to go with dark blue walls, because it’s such an elegant color and goes with my orange-toned wood floors.
  • Since I already own the desk and office chair, those are likely staying.
  • But I will definitely be adding another work surface for my computer. My current desk is great for writing, not so good for monitors and keyboards. And I would really like to have a sit-stand option.
  • I need lots of storage so my current shelves are staying, but will need an update.
  • I want to put in some more decorative shelving with a couple of gold etageres.
  • Some large DIY art will help to keep all that dark blue from looking too cave-like.
  • A couple of small patterned chairs will provide additional seating in front of my existing electric fireplace.
  • I really want a blue and white leopard print rug.

3 | Find the items you might want to purchase

Now comes the fun part.

The shopping (but not really shopping since we’re not buying anything yet).

I searched my favorite online stores for things that I wanted to buy and saved the pictures to a folder.

4 | Create the mood board

dark blue and white home office mood board

Then I used Photoshop to create my moodboard.

I started by putting in the background things, like the flooring and wall color.

Then I added in all of the furniture I knew was staying, like the desk, fireplace and chair.

Sizing everything so they are somewhat to scale makes it easier to visualize what they look like together.

Finally, I added in the pictures of the new things I found.

Once you see them in the picture, you’ll find some of them won’t go as well as you thought they would.

And other things will fit right in.

Which is how I got to my dark blue and white home office design.

Next up? Deciding what the office layout is going to look like so I know all of my selections are going to fit in the space.


Here are the sources for my office decor. In some cases, the exact items are no longer available so I have included substitutions that would also work.

Graham and Brown office mural
Hague blue paint

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  1. What program do you use to configure the layouts? I am trying to help my husband redecorate his office space at work and would love to design a blue print type design for him to visualize it.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi Lindsey…sorry for the late reply. I use the Home Designer software from Chief Architect (it’s the DIY version of the program many professionals use.) You can find the different options they have here.