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7 Ways To Decorate The Ceiling – The Fifth Wall!

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7 Ways to Decorate The Ceiling - the Fifth Wall | www.fromh2h.com
7 Ways to Decorate The Ceiling – the Fifth Wall

I often wonder why so many people choose to have stark white ceilings. In my view, white ceilings only makes sense if your color scheme is monochromatic white. Why ignore one sixth of your environment? A white ceiling draws the eye upward causing the creativity in the rest of the room to be ignored. If you, too, want to avoid this problem, read on to see our 7 ways to decorate the ceiling.

7 Ways to Decorate The Ceiling - the Fifth Wall | www.fromh2h.com
Chagall Ceiling Painting. Palais Garnier. Paris Opera House

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I am in awe of the delicate paintings on the ceilings in old theaters, European castles and churches. I am sure these were painted using scaffolding and in a prone position. It is possible to achieve upper surface interest and warmth at home, without that much work.

Mind you the current practice of spraying all ceilings white popcorn finish does make them difficult to paint. If your house was built after the mid 1980s, unpainted popcorn finish can be removed if it is dampened by spraying with water as you scrape it with a flat scraper. This is messy and you will likely discover that the dry wall underneath was not finished very well. It is important to note that if your house is older, the patterned ceiling is likely to contain fiberglass and potentially asbestos, both of which should be removed by a professional. If you do not want to go through the removal process, then the fastest way to paint popcorn is to rent a paint sprayer from a big box store, cover all surfaces with plastic and spray away the white.

Popcorn aside, many ceilings have other irregularities that you may want to camouflage. My brother, the design engineer, has a saying – “If you are dealing with a flaw, feature it!” Fortunately, there are a lot of other ways to cover the ceiling.

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  1. tonya
    | Reply

    I have a living room/dining room (27’x11′) painted a butter yellow with a medium yellow/green ceiling with brown/green furniture and dining set. The browns and greens with warm yellow is amazing. I get tons of compliments. Great idea, thank you for this info, even though I did the opposite.

    • Wanda
      | Reply

      Thanks, Tonya! Your living room sounds beautiful! I think adding color to the ceiling always makes a room more interesting :)

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