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10+ DIY Glam Home Decor Ideas You’ll Want To Try


If you’re looking for ways to add style and beauty to your home but don’t want to spend a lot of money, these easy DIY glam home decor ideas may be just the thing.

10 DIY glam decor ideas that will make your home look stunning

I’m not really sure exactly when it started…

I used to have a much more traditional design style with a little country mixed in (which you can see in the original versions of my master bedroom and bathroom).

Glamorous silver, black and white master bathroom

But looking at my recent master bathroom makeover (which I love!), it is definitely not country!

Pink, white and gold glam home office

And none of the other room makeovers I’ve done recently (Den, Home Office, Dining Room, Guest Bathroom) have been either.

White ragdoll cat on a blue sofa

Maybe my cats are rubbing off on me…they love sparkly and furry things, too…

In any case, I guess I just have to admit it to myself…I have turned into a glam queen.

All of the rooms in my house now have some glam elements in them.

The great thing is that it’s actually pretty easy to add glamorous decorations to a room without having to spend a lot of money…and I thought I’d share some of my favorite DIY glam decor projects in case you want to add some of that old Hollywood feeling to your house, too.

1 | Add crystal knobs

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Bifold doors with and without crystal knobs

An easy DIY way to add glamor to your decor is to replace the knobs on a dresser, armoire or cabinet.

Closet doors with crystal knobs on them

Like I did with the closet doors in my den.

Crystal knob

I think these knobs* are glass rather than crystal, but they look like crystal. And they’re pretty inexpensive. I always keep a few of them on hand…you never know when you might need to add a little sparkle somewhere!

Magnetic "pins" made from glass knobs

You see? Even my bulletin board has glam on it.  Gluing a magnet onto the bottom of the crystal knobs makes them into magnetic bulletin board pins.

acrylic and brass handle

If you would rather have glam handles, these acrylic and brass ones* (from Amazon) are perfect. (I’m still looking for a spot to use these…)

And if you have some cabinets that don’t have any handles now but you want to add some, use this knob template* (from Amazon) to drill holes in your doors. The template makes sure all of the holes are in the right place.

2 | Use metallic paint

Bathroom with walls painted silver

I didn’t think that painting over the gray walls in my bathroom with silver paint would make that much difference (silver and gray are pretty much the same color, aren’t they?)

I was wrong. The extra sheen that the silver provides definitely ups the glam factor!

Tile around a shower stall painted silver

I liked it so much I even painted the tiles.

Silver metallic paint can

I used this Metallic Accents silver paint*, and it goes much further than I expected.

Plus it covered with one coat (even painting over zebras in my bathroom!).  So, I still have some left over…I wonder what else needs to be painted silver 🙂

Wall painted silver with cherry trees stenciled on it

Of course, it wasn’t too much of a surprise that I loved the silver in my bathroom. I used a similar paint color for the silver background on the DIY Chinoiserie wall in my hallway.

It’s still one of my favorite decorations in my house.

Dining table painted with silver paint

If a wall seems like too much work, you can also paint furniture (rather than the walls) silver, like my mother’s glam table makeover.

3 | Make a Lucite towel bar

A lucite towel bar with gold spray painted brackets is an awesome way to add some sparkle to your room.

If I had seen this tutorial before I finished my bathroom, you can bet I would have had another DIY project on the list! Except I would paint my brackets silver. (And I may still do it).

Get the step-by-step instructions from abeautifulmess.com.

4 | Trim something with crystal upholstery tacks

DIY silver shelf edged with crystal upholstery tacks

To spruce up my DIY silver bathroom shelf, I nailed crystal upholstery nails around the edge of it. And I really like the way it turned out.  

As a side note, these candles came this way, but it would be an easy DIY project to hang a crystal on a ribbon and tie it around a candle.

Crystal upholstery tacks

Nailing crystal upholstery tacks* on to a piece of furniture is an easy way to add a bit of glam anywhere.

Black armoire with fabric panels and crystal upholstery tacks on the front

Even my old armoire in the dining room looks better with these sparkly nails around the edges of the inserts. (You can see the armoire makeover HERE).

5 | Add faux marble

Computer desk covered in marble contact paper

Real marble is expensive, heavy and takes some work to maintain.

Which is why faux marble contact paper* has become so popular.

I used it to make my computer desk look a little less institutional. It really was quite easy to do, and very inexpensive. You can read my faux marble desk makeover tutorial HERE.

These DIY faux marble shelves from Kimberley at Swoon Worthy have glam written all over them.

And you really can’t tell they are made of faux marble.

Click HERE to see the how-to video on swoonworthy.co.uk.

a roll of marble contact paper

6 | Apply gold leaf

Black lacquer cabinet with gold leaf front panels

In my opinion, there isn’t anything quite as glam as gold leaf.

Which is why I decided to use it on the front of my bar.

Between the black lacquer, the gold leaf, the sparkly knobs, and the fact that it serves alcohol, this is definitely a Hollywood glam decor update. (You can read my Hollywood Regency bar makeover tutorial HERE.)

Arm chairs with pink seats and white arms trimmed with gold paint

Of course, if you prefer just a little bit of gold, you could gild the trim on some chairs with some paint like my mother did with these chairs.

Get the tutorial for painting gold-trimmed chairs HERE.

Shelf with interior covered in gold leaf and a statue on it

Or if you really want to go all out, why not add gold leaf to the backs of your shelves?

It will really make them a focal point.

7 | Add crystal button tufting

Upholstered backdrop with crystal tufting behind a gold and mirror buffet table

When I created the upholstered backdrop in my dining room, I was trying to add a focal point that would make the dining area stand out.

Upholstered fabric with crystal tufting

I loved the fabric but wanted to add some more sparkly bits.

crystal button

Tufting it with these crystal buttons* was the perfect way to do that.  

Of course, having an upholstered backdrop in your dining room isn’t a standard feature for most people…but you could also do this with a headboard if you wanted to.  Find the instructions for making your own tufted headboard HERE.

Then when I found these black benches also tufted with crystal buttons*, I knew it was meant to be!

8 | Use faux fur

This cute little faux fur stool is the perfect addition to your glam home decor!

And it’s really easy to make. Get the step-by-step tutorial from abeautifulmess.com

Pink faux fur pillow

Or you could buy a couple of faux fur cushions* for your sofa. Not so DIY…but less work 🙂

Or sew your own cushion covers using this faux fur fabric* (from Amazon).

Find out how to sew cushion covers HERE.

9 | Glam up your lamp shades

lamp shade with trim glued to the bottom of it

Since the shade is often the most obvious part of a lamp, dressing it up a bit can make the whole fixture look more glam.

This can be as easy as gluing some trim around the bottom of the shade.

Lamp shade wrapped with a pink feather boa on the table beside a bed

Or wrapping the whole shade in a feather boa. A little glue will hold it in place.

10 | Sew trim on your curtains

Sewing trim on the edge of a curtain

Speaking of trim, it’s also a great way to make plain curtains look more glam.

You can sew flat trim just inside the edges of the curtain to make it stand out.

White curtain with purple tassel trim and band of fabric at the bottom

Or add tassel trim and a piece of fabric in another color to add some pizzazz.

This also lengthens the drapes so you can hang them at the ceiling (which is another way to make your room look more luxurious).

11 | Use mirrors and glass

Tri-fold mirror on a glass table with candles and flowers

Mirrors and glass reflect light into the room which helps to make it feel glamorous.  

The easy way to do this is just to buy a mirror and install it (like I did in my bathroom).

Adding it on top of a glass table ups the glam factor even more.

DIY mirrored nightstand with a lamp and a book

But you could also do more of a DIY project by adding it around the edge of your headboard or the top of your bedside table.

Read the DIY mirrored bedside table tutorial HERE.

12 | Update an old table with metallic wax

diy white and gold table

Metallic wax is an easy way to update furniture with a glam vibe.

It’s easy to work with and adds a beautiful finish that doesn’t look too brassy.

Get all the details on how to do this small table DIY project HERE.

13 | Add a chandelier

Chandelier hung above a bed

A chandelier or any kind of lighting with crystals will instantly create glamor in your room. And it doesn’t have to be expensive!

While the chandelier itself isn’t a DIY project, installing it can be.

If you’re not sure how to do it, try out our How To Hang a Chandelier tutorial.

It’s not as hard as it seems! (Or if you don’t want to mess with electricity, you can hire a handyman for a few dollars to hang it for you).

Now I’m off to figure out where I can put those acrylic towel rods.  

Hopefully, you have found some glam home decor inspiration for your home, too.

Have comments or questions on our DIY glam decor ideas? Tell us in the section below.

This post was originally published on May 19, 2017 but was updated with new content on February 15, 2022.

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